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Let the War Against Music Begin /
Because We Hate You

The Minus 5 Cover

Young Fresh Fellows Cover

Promo Disc
Double CD with Young Fresh Fellows and Minus 5
Minus 5

Young Fresh Fellows
Artist:   The Minus 5
The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   Mammoth/Malt Records
Number:   MT-65509-2
Release Date:   2001
Producer:   Scott McCaughey
Format:   CD Jewelcase

Minus 5 Disc
1. Great News Around You
2.   Got You
3.   Ghost Tarts of Stockholm
4.   Rifleman
5.   You Don't Mean It
6.   Thousand Years Away
7.   Amazing Dolphin Boy
8.   Thirsty Bird
9.   One Bar at a Time
10.   John Barleycorn Must Live
11.   Desperate for Someone
12.   Your Day Will Come, Pt. 1-2

Young Fresh Fellows Disc

1.   Barky's Spiritual Store
2.   Lonely Spartanburg Flower Stall
3.   I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
4.   For the Love of a Girl
5.   Fuselage
6.   My Drum Set
7.   Worthless
8.   She's a Book
9.   Good Times Rock 'N' Roll
10.   Little Bell
11.   Summerland
12.   Mamie Dunn, Employee of the Month
13.   Your Truth, Our Lies
14. The Ballad of Only You and the Can Prevent Forest Fires