Scott McCaughey Appereances

Band Title Year Coment
The A-Bones Crash the Party 1996 Producer
Bambi Molesters  Sonic Bullets: 13 from the Hip 2001
Chris and Carla Life Full of Holes 1995
The Corn Sisters Other Women 2000 Mixing
Cedell Davis Lightning Struck the Pine 2002
Dharma Bums Haywire: Out Through the Indoor 1989
Donovan Island of Circles: A Nettwork... 1991
Donovan's Brain Butterfly Wheel 1991 Producer (released as a cassete only)
Carelessly Restored Art 1998 Guitar, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
The Dynette Set Rockers and Recliners ?
Mark Eitzel West 1997
Flipp Flipp 1997 Producer, Engineer
The Frampton Brothers Frampton Brothers Hate You 1994 Engineer, Performer, Mixing
The Infant Kings Jingle Up High, Jingle Down Low sleighbells
John Wesley Harding Awake 1998 Piano, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
Confessions of St. Ace 2000
Awake: The New Edition 2001
Robyn Hitchcock Jewels for Sophia 1999
Luxor 2003 Engineer
The Long Winters When I Pretend to Fall 2003
The Makers Devil's Nine Questions 1994
Christy McWilson Bed of Roses 2002
The Minus 5 See The Minus 5 Discography
The Model Rockets Tell the Kids the Cops Are Here 2002 Producer
Pilot County Suite 2003 Producer, Finger Cymbals
Mono Men Wrecker! 1992
Mudhoney Blinding Sun 1993
Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew 1993
The New Original Sonic Sound
(The New Strychnines)
The New Original Sonic Sound Keyboards
The Nomads Powerstrip 1994
Showdown 2: The 90's 2002
Liz Phair whitechocolatespaceegg 1998
The Possibilities Way Out! 2002 Author
Preston School of Industry Monsoon 2004
R.E.M. New Adventures in Hi-Fi 1996
Reveal 2001
In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 2003
Around The Sun 2004
R.E.M. Live 2007
Sicko You Can Feel the Love in This Room 1994 Producer, Engineer
Jimmy Silva & The Goats Heidi 1991
The Smugglers Wet Pants Club 1994
In the Hall of Fame 1995
The Squirrels What Gives? 1990
Harsh Toke of Reality 1994
Scrapin' for Hits 1998 + Liner Notes 
Stumpy Joe One Way Rocket to Kicksville 1991 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Supersnazz Superstupid! 1993
Tuatara Breaking the Ethers 1997
Trading With the Enemy 1998
Cinemathique 2002 + Engineer
Loading Program 2003
East of the sun 2007
West Of The Moon 2007
Various Artists Impossible Records presents Lucky Records Teengenerate and Scott McCaughey do 'What a Girl Can't Do'
The Walkabouts Train Leaves at Eight 2001
Drunken Soundtracks 2002
The Woggles Teendanceparty 1993
Pete Yorn Musicforthemorningafter 2001
Young Fresh Fellows See Young Fresh Fellows Discography
Christophe Claessens 2003-2004. Contact me if you have something to add to the discography.