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Beans and Tolerance

Front Cover

Back Cover
Official Bootleg album, also know as "Upson Downs" and "Wonderfully Simple... ...Simply Wonderfull"
Runout Groove Text (Vinyl)
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Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   no label
Release Date:   1989
Producer:   Conrad Uno
Format:   LP

 1. Rock And Roll Guitars
2.   Fruitbasket Blues
3.   Vacation Rock
4.   N.F. In Trouble
5.   Stop Breathing You're Foggin' Up My Glass
6.   Gorilla
7.   Shake Your Love
8.   Silhouette
9.   I Want To Die In A Woman's Prison
10.   After Eggs
11.   Tell It To The Raven
12.   Whole Lotta Pappies