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The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest

Front Cover
A collector's disc of the sounds that we in the Pacific Northwest live and play by - a high-hearted, medium-fi recording of such nostrums as the whistle of a ferryboat, the roar of racing hydroplanes and the musical beat of our symphonies and jazz. A rich collection of soundtracks to lead the visitor to the many attractions of Oregon an Whasington.
Runout Groove Text
* A:
* B:
Chuck Carrol, Guitar
Sled McCaughey, bass
Tad Hutchison, drums

Produced by Conrad Uno, Egg Studios, Seattle
Accordion/big voice by Jed Critter
Backin Vocals by Crispy, Riki, Shelley
(courtesy of the Dynette Set)
Design by Charles R. Cross

All songs
ęCopyright 1984 by MacNor Music
All songs byS.McCaughey except A6,B1 Jim Silva/S.McCaughey; B3 McCaughey/Hadjadje
Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   PopLlama
Number:   PL 493
Release Date:   1984
Producer:   Conrad Uno
Format:   Cassette

A 1. Rock'n Roll Pest Control
A 2.   All Messed Up
A 3.   Gus Theme
A 4.   Think Better Of Me
A 5.   Power Mowers Theme
A 6.   Empty Set Takes A Vacation
A 7.   View From Above
B 1.   Big House
B 2.   This Little Mystery
B 3.   A Humble Guy
B 4.   Down By The Pharmacy
B 5.   Teenage Dogs In Trouble
B 6.   You Call That Lonely ?
B 7.   That Letter
B 8.   Young Fresh Fellows Theme