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The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest / Topsy Turvy

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1st Two Albums On One CD

Old Fab Sounds. Old Topsy Turvy. Old Young Fresh Fellows.  Perhaps the only albums simultaneously recorded in a garage and a basement.  Now miraculously available on one shiny laser plate with DBLX digital processing.  Some people thought we should remix the first album to bring the bass out.  Or even have Jim go in and play the bass in his own accomplished fashion.  Well, the bass is often playing hide-and-seek, but there's something special about Fab Sounds that made people like us in the first place, so we decided not to mess with it.  Maybe someday when we have some spare time and money we'll give it a go........ in other words, forget it.  Turvey is still probably my favorite Y.F.F. record, despite its associated history of headaches.  The One Exception to the "having a wild weekend" tact of our other LP's, for various reasons i took almost a year to record, though from the start we used the  Helter-Skelter approach as the concept unifying the material.  David Fricke's great review in Rolling Stone made everyone in Seattle think we'd really made it, but they were wrong!  Like Princes' "Nasty Thighs" LP, these records were meant to be enjoyed in their entirety, therefor you'll discover any attempt at programming specific cuts to be in vain. So call up your friends, slant a mighty beverage, and sit back and discuss:  The Young Fresh Fellows - The Early Years.
Scott McCaughey, August24, 1988
Produced by Conrad Uno at Egg Studios Seattle Washington
Like the Monkees The Fellows have had the assistance of many friendly muscians,
whom we thank for working without material compensation
Christy McWilson.Riki Mafune.Shelly Stockstill - Vocals, tracks 3,4,10,15 Christy vocal, Track 26
Bill Jed - Vocals Track 8,24 Accordion Track 14
Conrad Uno - Arrangements, Vocals, Tracks 19,23,24,28, Bass Track 26
Margret Ellwood, Susie Lockwood - Fiddles, Track 16
Johhny Sangster - Acoustic Guitar, Track 26. Vocals, Tracks 20 (With Helle), 28.
Dave Drewey - Garbage Can, Track 5
Lots of friends, I'm not sure who - Vocals,Noise, Tracks 3,7,8.

Songs By Scott McCaughey, MacNor/BMI/Bug except: 6,8,28-Silva/McCaughey; 10-McCaughey/Hadjadje; 18-Chesterman; 21-Roslie.
Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   PopLlama
Number:   PLCD-101
Release Date:   1989
Producer:   Conrad Uno
Format:   CD Jerwelcase

The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest
 1. Rock'n Roll Pest Control
2.   All Messed Up
3.   Gus Theme
4.   Think Better Of Me
5.   Power Mowers Theme
6.   Empty Set Takes A Vacation
7.   View From Above
8.   Big House
9.   This Little Mystery
10.   A Humble Guy
11.   Down By The Pharmacy
12.   Teenage Dogs In Trouble
 13.   You Call That Lonely ?
14.   That Letter
15.   Young Fresh Fellows Theme
Topsy Turvy
16.   Searchin' U.S.A.
17.   How Much About Last Night Do You Remember ?
18.   Where Is Groovy Town ?
19.   The New John Agar
20.   Sharing Patrol
21.   You've Got Your Head On Backwards
22.   Two Lives
23.   Mr. Salamander's Review
24.   Trek To Stupidty
25.   Topsy Turvy Theme
26.   Hang Out Right
27.   Agar's Revenge
 28.   Good Things Go