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rick buckler presents...
Do our fans wish to repeatedly examine our barf? Our forgoten secrecies, guilty pleasures, full-scale embarrassements? what many groups would bury deep in a closet, the Young Fresh Fellows for some questionable reason revel in revealing. The fact that there are those who will find this type of aural portrait at all interesting, or entertaining, or hilarious, or fascinating--and not actualy be a member of the band--is still a thrilling mystery to us. Others will find our humble gathering of mishaps tedious, technically insulting, pathetic, and incredibly selfindulgent, not to mention over-priced. This is volume one.

Again we thank you-- the young fresh fellows

Produced by Y.F. Fellows and Conrad Uno in cahoots with WNHU, KJET, Curt Anderson, Scream, Ron Sanchez, Jon Wells, Laurie Austin, Rod Doak and Paul Scoles.

This Is Gonna Be A Great Show
(Norge/Shrag) Atlanta 9/20/88 G
Gus Theme New Haven 11/20/85 G
Boy-Girl Seattle Demo 86 G
Ted, Woody and Junior (Hitchcock) Seattle radio 12/16/86 G
I Lose Control Seattle 12/84 G
Time Flies (Geek) Ambler PA
9/7/88 G
Calendar Girl (Sedaka/Green-
field)Ambler PA 9/7/88 G
We Are the Salesmen Seatle
Totaly Lost session 1/88 G
Watching Scotty Grow(Davies)
Bozeman MT 6/8/86 G
Evil Ways (Carabello/"C" Arias)
Vancouver BC 9/12/86 G
Earthbound (Hutchinson/Sangster/
McCaughey) Seattle bootleg
session 7/3/88 Tad-voc, Scott-
gtr, Jim-dr
Leather Taxidermy (D.Bums)
Boise ID 4/30/89 F
Sittin' 'Round Doin' Nothin'
(Hutchinson/McCaughey) and
She's So Far Out She's In
(Knight) Saugerties NY
11/12/85 G
The Bittersweet Beluga
Hutchinson) Seattle 85
Topsy Turvy sessions Jim &
Chuck-gtr, Tad-dr, Scot-trpt
Lookin' Good (intro)

Lookin' Good (Norge/Schrag)
Seattle demo 1/89? G
Scott, Nobleman of Edenbrook
Boise ID 4/30/89 F
Highway 94 (McCaughey/Silva/
Carroll) Seattle demo 86 Scott-
voc, dr Chuck+Jim Silva-gtr
Lovely Is The Life Seattle 1/88
Totally Lost session G
The Family Gun (Bloch/Stan)
Seatlle Demo 4/89 Kurt-all
The Interstellar Rebellion
(Silva) Seattle 8/84 Jim-dr,
Tad-ld gtr, Scott-voc, gtr
Rock Around the Clock (Norge/
Portland OR 2/14/90 F
"Juiced" (part one) (Norge/
Schrag) Neptune NJ 9/9/88 G
Movin' On (Ralphs) NYC 11/16/89
Scott, Jim, Tad and Ward Dotson
-gtr, voc
"Juiced" (part three) NYC 11/16/89
Trek to Stupidity Rochester NY
11/11/85 Chuck-dr, Tad-ld gtr G
Little Brown Jug Twist ("Hoss"
Singleton) Seattle 7/3/88 the
bootleg session Tad-dr, Jim-
gtr/bass, Scott-org, Uno-bs/gtr

G=Scott & Chuck-gtr, Jim-bs
F=Scott & Kurt-gtr, Jim-bs

Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   PopLlama
Number:   m-GAG-FAH
Release Date:   1990
Producer:   /
Format:   Cassette

A 1. This Is Gonna Be A Great Show
A 2.   Gus Theme
A 3.   Boy-Girl
A 4.   Ted, Woody and Junior
A 5.   I Lose Control
A 6.   Time Flies
A 7.   Calendar Girl
A 8.   We Are the Salesmen
A 9.   Watching Scotty Grow
A10.   Evil Ways
A11.   Earthbound
A12.   Leather Taxidermy
A13.   Sittin' 'Round Doin' Nothin'
A14.   She's So Far Out She's In
A15.   The Bittersweet Beluga
A16.   Lookin' Good
B 1.   Lookin' Good
B 2.   Scott, Nobleman of Edenbrook Forest
B 3.   Highway 94
B 4.   Lovely Is The Life
B 5.   The Family Gun
B 6.   The Interstellar Rebellion
B 7.   Rock Around the Clock
B 8.   "Juiced" (part one)
B 9.   Movin' On
B10.   "Juiced" (part three)
B11.   Trek to Stupidity
B12. Little Brown Jug Twist