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I Don't Think This Is

Front Cover

Back Cover
Spanish Pressing with new artwork by Tad and 3 songs exclusivly to this release. the 3 songs that are left of, can be found on the 7" vinyl "Fair Exchange"
Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   Munster Records
Number:   MR CD 290
MR 290
Release Date:   2009
Producer:   Robyn Hitchcock
Format:   CD

1. Suck Machine Crater
2.   Betty Let The Good Times Crawl
3.   Never Turning Back Again
4.   New Day I Hate
5.   Go Blue Angels Go
6.   Gotta Get Away
7.   The Guilty Ones
8.   The Final Tractor
9.   After Suicide
10.   Lay You In The Ground
11.   If You Believe In Cleveland
12.   Lamp Industries
13.   Shake Your Magazines