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Merry Crutons Mr. Gulp Gulp

Front Cover

Back Cover
Casette only release, given away free  around Christmas 1984.
Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   /
Number:   /
Release Date:   1984
Producer:   Conrad Uno
Format:   Casette

 1. Down by the pharmacy (Xmas version)
2.   I'm not trying to hurt you
3.   Fillet of soul
4.   Someone I care about
5.   This Little Mystery
6.   Sharing Patrol Theme
7.   If I had a Hammer
8.   Topsy Turvy Theme
9.   I Wish I Was Your Mother
10.   Some times good guys dont wear white / Young Fresh Fellows / You call it lonely / Teenage dogs in trouble
11.   Merry Christmas Mr. Gulp Gulp