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"Somos Los Mejores"
(A Young Fresh Fellows "Best Of" compilation)

Front Cover

Back Cover


Young Fresh Fellows "Best Of" compilation released on the spanish label "Munster Records"
Scott "Scorby" Mc Caughey
Jimmy "Jenkins" Sangster
Charles "Whitworth" Carroll
Tadley "Tang" Hutchinson
Kurt "Powerfull" Block

Artist:   The Young Fresh Fellows
Label:   Munster
Number:   MRCD 015
Release Date:   1991
Producer:   Various
Format:   CD

 1. Two Guitars, Bass And Drums
2.   I Don't Let The Little Things ...
3.   Get Outta My Cave
4.   How Much About Last Night ...
5.   Divorce #9
6.   Taco Wagon
7.   Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses
8.   Rock And Roll Guitar
9.   Rock And Roll Pest Control
10.   Celebration
11.   Lost Track Of Time
12.   Picture Book
 13.   Hank, Karen And Elvis
14.   I Hate Everything
15.   Topsy Turvy Theme
16.   Take My Brain Away