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Young Fresh Fellows Discography
Singles and EP's

Year Title Label  
1985 Update PopLlama  
1986 Beer Money PopLlama  
1990 Divorce #9 PopLlama  
1990 Two Guitars Bass and Drums Pravda  
1990 Motorbroke Cruddy  
1991 Don't Blame it on Yoko Frontier  
1991 Sick and Tired of Me Skullduggery  
1991 Maiden Canada Lance Rock  
1991 Hits From the Breakup Album (Box Set of 45's) ESC Brand
1991 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da ElectroBird  
1991 I Hate Everything no label  
1991 Mathisization PopLlama  
1991 Sometimes I Wantcha For Your Money Munster  
1992 A Little Trip To Heaven (On The Wings Of A Boar) Screaming Apple  
1992 Stewed Who Cares  
1994 Benzedrine Beat Au-go-go  
1994 Gorilla Time Telstar  
2009 Fair Exchange Munster  
Spilt Singles
1989 Scruffy The Cat VS. Young Fresh Fellows (split w/Scruffy the Cat) Cruddy  
1990 Blaster! ...rides again (magazine with free 7") /  
1992 Battle Of The Northwest Super Powers! (split w/Dharma Bums) Frontier / Sub Pop  
1993 Stop Breating (You're Foggin' Up My Mind) (split w/ Mutant Monster Beach Party) 1+2  
1995 Banana Pad Riot The Skull Duggery Label  
1995 Melody Four Eggbert Records  
1995 Yankee Magazine (split w/The Dugans) Kranepool Records  
2001 Limited edition CD sampler (split w/ The Minus 5) Mammoth Records  
1987 Refreshments PopLlama/Frontier  
1990 Includes a Helmet Utility  
1993 Temptation on Saturday PopLlama/Munster  
Singles under another name
1990 Dancin' in the Moonlight (as Gunsharp'ners) Cruddy  
1994 Rampage!!! (as The Boatrampmen) Cruddy  

Christophe Claessens 2003-2009. Contact me if you have something to add to the discography.