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Young Fresh Fellows Discography

Year Real Title Spine Title Label
1984 The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest Kids Bring Zucchinis And Stay All Day PopLlama
1984 Merry Crutons Mr. Gulp Gulp / PopLlama
1985 Topsy Turvy Topsy Turvy / Where Is Gorman Thomas? PopLlama
1987 The Men Who Loved Music Chicago XIX PopLlama/Frontier
1988 Totally Lost Totally Lost Frontier
1989 Beans and Tolerance (The Bootleg Album) / no label (LP only)
1989 This One's For The Ladies Introducing The Gunsharp'ners Frontier
1989 The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest / Topsy Turvy When We Were Good / Legendary Masters Vol. 1. /
The Return Of Doctor Liquid Head
1990 GAG FAh / PopLlama
1991 Electric Bird Digest The Barbers Of Smelterville Frontier
1991 Somos Los Mejores / Munster(Spain)
1992 Gleich Jetzt / 1+2 (Japan-CD only)
1992 It's Low Beat Time Doc Sharpie Is A Bad Man FrontierCD/Munster LP
1993 Take it Like A Matador (Live in Madrid) / Impossible (Spain-CD only)
1997 A Tribute To Music / Rock & Roll Inc. (Spain)
2001 Because We Hate You (split w/ The Minus 5) / Mammoth
2009 I Think This Is / Yep Roc Records
2009 I Don't Think This Is Not 100 Percet Munster

Christophe Claessens 2003-2009. Contact me if you have something to add to the discography.