Something Or Nothing

Availble on: Down With Wilco Vinyl
Written by: McCaughey
Give me something or nothing
I don't care what you decide
I'm just sick of all this living on the brink
If you banish indecision, lake an anchor I will fly
Say farewell to this frustrated libertine

You where shinning at The Shoebox
but the doorman had a gun
and I guess that's why
this guzzler crossed the road
Someone open the floodgates
because my thirst is getting loud
Give me something or nothing Little Joe
Give me something or nothing Little Joe
There is no one in this world that need to know

Now the Chinaman is homeless
but he always pays the rent
and that's better than the way it was before
I'm so tired of being tired
and conducting all the colts
You will soon be labeled prematurely born
Give me something or nothing, nothing more
Oh, to vaporize the prize behind the door

Now I'm stuck between the Grit and Guaranteed,
that's not to bad
Seems I lost one of the wheels from my chair
The old river looks like chocolate,
but it tastes like Taco Stand
so I swam to the bottom and stayed there
Give me something or nothing, I don't care
I find something or nothing anywhere
Scott - acoustic guitar, piano, vocal. Jessy - violins, vocals.