That's Not the Way That It's Done

Availble on: Down With Wilco(A Tragedy In Three Halfs)
Written by: McCaughey
I saw you crying in the quaker choir
They don't swing so low
There's no religion like old time religion
It's a heavy snow
That puts you in the mood for love
And I was in the mood, I was in the mood

But if I was stronger
You know I never would have hurt you that way
I fell into a hollow love
And that's not the way that it's done

I had to ring you cause the background singers
Really blew that night
Yes I knew you had a bluer side
But it's a real black light
That puts you in the mood for love
And I was in the mood…

There's nothing worse than a narcissist
Working a disaster nurse
She ends up versus the goddamn centre of the universe
Who's always in the mood for love
Always in the mood…
Scott - vocals, piano, strings, pedal steel, organ. Jeff - electric guitar. John - bass, backing vocals. Glenn - drums, percusion. Rebecca - backing vocals. Peter - 12 string. Ken - organ. Sean banjo, acoustic guitar. Sept. 13.