The Old Plantation

Availble on: Down With Wilco(A Tragedy In Three Halfs)
Written by: McCaughey
The old plantation has been abandoned
The love is gone, yeah, the love is gone
New hieroglyphics braid the columns
Kids on the M-Train baptize the lawns

Your floating jukebox stuck on "I'll get you"
So lost at sea, yeah, so lost at sea
You watch the rations, you man the spyglass
So far from Mephis, rivers from me.

But did you ever really try to peel away the sky?
Neither did I

The master bedroom, its shutters hanging
It's no museum, it's no museum
The fields are barren but for a bonfire
A pile of empties in the mauseleum

God bless the days , god bless the days
The old plantation is like a sore now
A home for maggots, but don't turn away

Don't turn away until you try to peel away the sky.
Scott - vocal,  pianos, ocarina, pedal steel, fake strings. Jeff - bass, electric guitar, backing vocals . Glenn - drums. Leroy - electric guitar. Peter - e-bow guitars. Ken - organ, baritone guitar. Jessy - real strings. Dec. 16.