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The Rifleman
Available on: Let The War Against Music Begin
Written by: McCaughey

Did you see the rifleman, did you see that episode
Every crofart in the country got to see his little head explode
Just a loaded Texas tin star who tried to fill his boots
With bullets from a stocking Christmas morn'

He was mourning for the old marine who had not ... died
And he saw himself upon the screen a ... with a hero's pride
He was a longneck Texas twister that pulled the patriot out
From a ... magazine's and shelves

Did you see the rifleman, did you see our friend McCane
He was rather cane then able with a messenger to back his brain
And the loudmouth Texas tippler missed the golden olden days
With bullets in a stocking Christmas morn'

Did you see the rifleman
Did you see the rifleman

'Cause he used to hunt jackrabbits on the cemetery side
Till he skint the one all fat with sack of seven baby's still inside
But he left the mess behind the bush but the memory from his mind
... watching whistle down the wind

Did you see the rifleman, when he climbed up to the sky
They had to ... prize is right, so that everyone could see him fly
Just a trail of tracers’ legacy like a jet that never came down
And they ran a background check to mark the grace

Just goes to show
Well it just goes to show
In cases such as these you never, never, never can loose