Where Will You Go?

Availble on: Down With Wilco(A Tragedy In Three Halfs)
Written by: McCaughey
Where will you go, when I am so gone
Where will you go, put your sandals on
I'd like to think you'll be all right

Where will you go, when your legs don't work
Where will you go, in your school girl skirt
If I could take you on my back

There is too much time for us to crack
I want my money back
One thing I guarantee:
It's so hard trying to be a little less like me

How will I know, if you're still afraid
How will I know, from the deep dark shade
And if I find a better place…

Where will you go, when the spark won't spark
How will I know, from the farthest star
I need to know that you're all right
Scott - vocals, piano, percussion. Jeff - electric guitars, marimba, synth. John - bass. Glenn - drums. Leroy - synth. Christy - vocals. Peter - e-bow guitar. Sept. 10.