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Lyrics - The Young Fresh Fellows
Totaly Lost

01. Everything is Gonna Turn Out Great

Locked in the bathroom, screaming all out of your head
It's time to stop your sobbing, saying you wish you were dead
Cause like the teachers of the world all say
You've got to look past what you are today
It's really never been too late and
Everythings gonna turn out great

You want a bang on the door, you want a ring of the phone
You're sure that you;re always going to feel this alone
There's no reason to hurry but you don't have to wait
Abd when you lose the ability to hate
You'll see it's really never been too late 'cause
Everythings gonna turn out great

Now you might call it blind optimism
But happiness is hard to hit through harsh realism
There's always plenty of time to pay
It doesn't matter when your hair turns gray
Cause it's really never been to late and
Everythings gonna turn out great

02. Failure

I'm drinking from boredom
And I'm bored with failure
I fail to see where I'm going
But I'm going to have to go

I'm sucking inspiration
Inspired by these failures
I fail to know if you'll show
But I know I have to go

Cause I won't turn back
It won't work to start again
No, I won't turn back
Until the very end

I've got great expectations
Expecting future failures
Still you fail to agree to the
Key to this misery

I'm not buying time
I'm giving it away
And if I had a dime
For every time I ran away
I'd still be the same today

I might be losing my mind
Because I don't mind failure
I fail to humor the goal
But still I'm going to have to go

03. The Universal Trendsetter

I'm the universal trendsetter and it's a real gas
Cause I create the future and obliterate the past
Insincerity is nowhere as Pierre as my witness
I put my whole heart and soul into my catalog of hipness

I'm the universal trendsetter, everyone agrees
From the French to the Austrailians to the Sudanese
Critics say I do it for money but I just ignore them
I put my whole heart and soul into every fashion form

Don't ask me how I can be this way
Just be ready to listen when I've got something to say
Well I'm the universal trendsetter

I'm the universal trendsetter, you better believe it!
If it's funky, fantastic fun you can bet I conceived it
No one else can feel or dream of the scenes that I do
I put my hear and soul into every super concept
That I pass on to you

04. Don't Look at My Face You Might See What I Mean

Don't look at my face you might see what I mean
And that would only scare you away
Don't look in my eyes when they're turning green
That means I'm going someplace
Don't know why I need you but I don't want to blow it now
Want you to fix my wagon but I can't show you how

Don't ride in my ship it's got a mind of its own
Especially when it comes to you girl
Don't put your head on my shoulder and say "take me home"
You don't understand my world

Oh baby I sure got a problem or two
Oh baby how it helps when you turn the screw
You're the best creation that I've ever seen
But don't...

Don't you get too close with that cigarette
I don't want to explode
Don't kiss my hand when it's dripping with sweat
I been lying in the road
Don't know why...zip zip zip ding ding etc.

05. I'd Say That You Were Upset

You're lighting pencils on fire and trying to stickem in the rug
And Joey said he caught you drinking Janitor in a Drum
Then you tied up the mailman and took him to the vet
If I didn't know you better, I'd say that you were upset

Now Peggy called me crying after you whipped her with a sponge
I came over to find you naked in a bed of egg foo young
You said "Get back in the shoebox my little turtle pet"
If I didn't know you better, I'd say that you were upset

Don't turn on the oven and put your head inside
It's not really as bad as it seems
Whatever's happened, whatever's not right
Will someday disappear just like a bad dream

Now your scalp's a little bloody and the bathtub's full of hair
When you go off the deepend you sure do it with a flair
I see you turning catatonic on the balcony up there
Then you put on a headdress as you bounce down the stairs
Saying "I'm gonna give you something you never will forget"
If I didn't know you better, I'd say that you were upset

06. No Help at All

If you could see what I see
if you could even open up your mind
the nightmares inside you
the futures that fried you
wouldn't catch you from behind
Since you're worried about a new direction
the addition of a second 8-ball is
no help at all

The fire is right beside you
we feel it getting hotter every day
You're still hearing pillow talk
because you're too ill to walk
and if you could you'd soon lose your way
There are no signs up for a new direction
forget those that are 90 feet tall, they're
no help at all

People let me tell you, there's not
a lot of hope in this sweating herd
the summer of love-ins
got burned in the ovens and
there's no one left to say the word
So if you're waiting for a new direction
don't sit at home expecting that call
you're no help at all

07. No One Really Knows

No one really knows what she does to me
and if there was just one place that I wanted to be
I'd live my life inside her, occasionally beside her, 'cause
no one really knows what she does to me

There's few things in this world that she cannot replace
there's few things in this world I haven't seen in her face
and when we're old and dying there will be no denying that
no one really knows what she does to me

No one really knows what she does to me
and in this whole wide world there's only one thing I clearly see
the years cannot uncover all the ways I can love her, 'cause
no one really knows what she does to me

08. Little Softy
Vitriolic ascerbic pugnacious outrageous
Just the guy everyone can love to hate
and he thrives on the anger that explodes from cheap shots

But once you get to know him
you can see the li'l softy in his eye
Once you really get to know him
you'll realize that he's the sweetest guy

He'll string up your loved ones with a cruel hook
and gladly assassinate the band you'd die to see
If you get cheesed then it's another job well done

But once you get to know him
the love he tries to hide is all you'll see
Once you get to know him
you won't be fooled a bit by little softy
He can't fool me
He can't fool me
Behind his back his friends call him little softy

He wants to be the meanest splinter in your butt
He wants to be the baddest boil on your nose
He wants to be the steam coming out of
your ears, but once you get to know him...

09. I Blew My Stack

When you said that you were leaving
I figured you'd be coming back
When I found out that you meant it
man I really blew my stack

When I read it in the papers
Saw it there in white and black
I knew I wasn't dreaming and
man I really blew my stack

Feel like I'm falling all
through the night and all the
nightmares in this world
can't make it right

When the alley dogs are barking and
the train screams down the track
I'm walking with a memory
Man I really blew my stack

10. Take My Brain Away

One, two, three, four

Take my mind away and all the paperwork for it
Take it away (x4)

Take my clothes away and give them to a store
Maybe they can resell them or sew a
button on the green shirt that I lost

My mind is a suitcase sometimes full and
on the go - a briefcase sometimes empty and
so slow - look out down below!

Take my time away and all the people who spend it
Thay can have a nice long meeting and make
some decisions that might affect the rest of my life

My mind is a barrel spinning down a canyon
wall - floating right over Niagara Falls
Look out down below!

Take my brain away (x8)


11. Celebration

I never cared to kow the way
that I would spend my final day
but if it's true what the psychics say
it's going to be a celebration

No more depression no more work
no TV reports of a crumbling earth
a wooden box and a hole in the dirt
that's going to be a celebration

Hey throw your hat in the air
all of your friends will soon be there
the wicked, the brave and the dumb
Now equal, safe and numb

You may scream and you may cry
when final fate looks you in the eye
there's no reprieve so why even try
it's going to be a celebration

12. Picky Piggy

You want so much but your standards are so high
You work so hard but you can't be satisfied
A barrel of this and a bucket of that
Too much of too little only works for a cat

Picky Piggy that's your name
Ride the Gravy Train
Feed your brain
Everybody says that you're not the same

Here's something kinda different
Here's something kinda strange
Maybe just a thimble
You might enjoy change

Now you're standing at the trough
and it's all you see
If that's the big pay-off
then you're all you can be
and you don't need me

13. Totally Lost

I love God in the morning from a cup
All that love kind of fills you right up
I believe that somewhere we went right

Each new day is a scary proposition
All that fear kills a man with no mission
I believe that somewhere we went wrong

Come along, come along with me
I'm totally lost as you can see
and being lost has set me free

I love you in the morning from a cup
All that love kind of fills me right up
I believe that somewhere we went right

14. You're Not Supposed to Laugh

I was born with a sense of humor like most everyone else
Sometimes I laughed at death, sometimes I played dead
For every crack that made me feel well another one
destroyed some brain cells that's why I understand it when you said
You're not supposed to laugh
It really isn't funny
You're not supposed to laugh

I was born with a sense of humor that kept me on my toes
Oh, the many times I had to walk home from parties
I wish that everyone could see so I could set my spirit free
It's plain as night in lights up on the marquee
You're not supposed to laugh

Even when I'm on a raft out in the middle
of the ocean somebody recognizes it
In the public marketplace I'm smiling faceless
as a sausage, somebody's still bound to realize it

I was born with a sense of humor I'd just as soon forget
The punchline barely makes sense to me anyway
I'm sick and tired of spouting off while everybody else is
getting soft, they never understand it when I say
You're not supposed to laugh
It really isn't funny
You're not supposed to laugh

15. World Tour '88

The screams could have curdled the beer
that we drank in the dressing room tonight
Chuck negotiated pizza on the Rider
Now two more shows at ?Budda Pond?
and home by chartered flight
And it seems we hit a fast ball
and heading for the plate
World Tour '88
World Tour '88

Well the royalties get spend up quick
cause we buy stuff for our friends
And Uno wanted some Sennheiser mics
So Joey Roth from A & R picks up our tab at the bar
Our label treats us nice and says we're great
World Tour '88
World Tour '88

It started happening two years ago
when Tad auditioned for the new Monkees show
He didn't get the part, he played too loud
This threatened disillusion spawned a stronger resolution
and ?a clown? who never messed with what was fate
And someone in the business heard our tape

All right! Touchdown!

The t-shirt sales alone could feed a thousand hungry homes
but we still draw from our advance to meet expenses
And pretty soon our fans will turn their backs and say we've changed
But some how I still feel pretty much the same
And we never really asked for all this fame
But it's pretty cool what's happened as of late
World Tour '88 (x8)

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