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The Minus 5 (a/k/a The Gun Album) tracklist
This is the new Minus 5 album. Against all odds, it is perhaps the seventh full-lengther in a career marked primarily by catastrophe, shame and fisticuffs. (Leave triumphs to those that beseech them.) This record could not have happened without the superhuman efforts of Scott McCaughey. Even though Mr. McCaughey had the assistance of the usual horde of ragtag bandoleros (see below), it was Scott who hung the notes on the staff, gathered the orchestra (paying triple union scale, out of pocket), set up a microphone, manufactured the recording tape, invented electricity, and provided each participant with a sponge and a marmot. Therefore, regarding this project, it is at Scott McCaughey only that any projectiles or pearls must be hurled. The Minus 5 (a/k/a The Gun Album) features the McCaughey/Buck/Ramberg/Rieflin line-up, as well as two tracks recorded in Chicago with Wilco, and guest appearances by John Wesley Harding, Kelly Hogan, Morgan Fisher (Mott), Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger/Long Winters), and Colin Meloy and John Moen (Decemberists).

Track Listing:
Rifle Called Goodbye
Aw Shit Man
Out There On The Maroon
My Life As A Creep
With A Gun
Cemetery Row
Twilight Distillery
Cigarettes Coffee And Booze
Leftover Life To Kill
Hotel Senator
Bought A Rope
All Worn Out
Original Luke

"The Minus 5" will be released on February 7th on YepRoc records in the US, and on a Cooking Vinyl in Europe
Thanks to Laurence for the tracklist. Write up from yeproc.
Posted on 30 Nov 2005 by Stoffel
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