MINUS 5: In Rock

By Brad Filicky
Source: CMJ New Music Report
In Rock, the new album from Scott McCaughey's Minus 5, is a formal release of an album recorded in one day in 2000. The band originally pressed 1,000 copies of the disc and sold them at shows, but they always felt it was a "real" record and now it finally gets the royal digi-pack treatment. It's easy to see why the band felt that way: These songs may not be polished but they still shine. Scott and company (including Peter Buck and Bill Rieflin from a little band called REM) are masters of the simple pop song. "Lies Of The Living Dead" has an organ groove that gives the song a feel halfway between merseybeat and surf rock; "Cosmic Drive" has a thick, grimy guitar solo that sounds like it got lost on the way to a Deep Purple album circa '76. If you can't find something to like on this record, you aren't looking hard enough.