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Song Of The Month


As you have noticed by now, we have stopped doing the song of the month feature due to lack of time, but we do have a download section now. And we plan on rotating and adding songs there from time to time.

February 2005
A bit later then usual, but I have been busy this week. This month we return back 2002, where in the September The Minus 5 had the great pleasure of opening for Wilco on their west coast tour, in-between the Wilco dates, they found the time to play a show on their own. And what a show this is one of the top best Minus 5 show ever. The band (Scott McCaughey / Peter Buck / Ken Stringfellow / John Ramberg / Jon Wurster) was in fine form, and played more covers then they played minus 5 songs. Taking request from the audience members all the time.
Two of the covers stuck out a bit the first being an amazing cover of Albuquerque by Neil Young, the second one being Massachusetts by the Bee Gees, which was mostly sung by Ken. If you would like to discover the entire gig (or some other Minus 5 live shows), just check out the trading section and drop me a mail.

The Minus 5 - Albuquerque (Live at the Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, CA, 8 September 2002)

The Minus 5 - Massachusetts (Live at the Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, CA, 8 September 2002)


Scott McCaughey in Europe, No F***ing way. My First reaction when I saw on Ken Stringfellow's site that Scott was gonna be the support set for Ken's last show of his solo tour in Europe. Place of Happening, Moby Dick Club in Madrid. Needles to say I was going to be there, packed with my photo camera (which can also tape video, which would come in handy). So Scott started the night with a few of his YFF and M5 hits, before launching into the Kirsty Maccoll song "They Don't Know", which got some nice backing vocals of Ken and MIKE MILLS (Yes he was in the house as well). Once Scott was done, Ken took over and played most of the song Soft Commands, at the end of his set he called upon his two compadres to reunite the "4 Croakers" (the 4th one being somewhere on a island in the Faroe Islands). Then they did a rousing performance of R.E.M.'s (Don't Go Back To) Rockville. Then Mike wanted to leave the stage, but was held back by Ken who said ' I need you for this one as well" and then launched into Near Wild Heaven, at that time I had my camera rolling and was able to capture the song. Sadly I can't share the video as it is too big, but I do have the audio from the clip, it isn't the best recording, there is a lot of noise on it, but as it is (probably) the only recording out there, we will have to do with it. This is the only song I recorded, so I don't have anything else from this gig.

3 Croakers - Near Wild Heaven (Live at the Moby Dick Club, Madrid, Spain, 30 December 2004)

The Croakers reunited
Photo by Christophe Claessens

December 2004
Whilst on tour with R.E.M. this fall, they boys(Scott, Bill, Peter and Ken) saw a chance to bang out some Minus 5 tunes at a day off in the Vote for Change tour.  They gathered up at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis for a benifit. They got a little help on some songs by local star Jessy Green (who also plays on 'Down With Wilco')

The Minus 5 - Donít Want To Fuck Off Anymore (Live @ 400 Bar in Minneapolis, MN, October 4 2004)

November 2004

In the summer of 2003 right in-between the European and the North American tour of R.E.M. the Minus 5 opened for The Zombies at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle. And with the rock version of the Minus 5 in place they ripped trough some fierce version of Ghost tarts of Stockholm, The Town That Lost It's Groove Supply, I'm Not Bitter, Twilight Distillery and a nice version of Courage is The Smallest Bird, which was started with a Happy Birthday to Jane who later joined on sleigh bells for Twilight Distillery.

The Minus 5 - Courage Is The Smallest Bird (Live @ The Crocodile Cafe, Seatle, WA,  August 15 2003)

October 2004
The Minus 5 where booked for the crocodile cafe in october of 2001, funny enough this was on october 23 and was right inbetween some R.E.M. promo dates, needles to say after the minus 5 where done playing a very well know band came out to play. Ofcourse like always Scott was onboard as an extra musician for the R.E.M. touring band. But after 5 songs the band got ofstage leaving only Mike Mills and Scott McCaughey on there to perform a very beautifull version of Catationia's "Dead From The Waist Down". With 9/11 just happend this was a very moving performances.

Scott McCaughey w/ Mike Mills - Dead From The Waist Down (Live @ The Crocodile Cafe, Seatle, WA, October 23 2001)

September 2004
2004 is a pretty busy year for Scott, while in the first half of the year he was busy recording with R.E.M., promoting The Minus 5's In Rock, playing a one off gig with the fellows, going to Croatia to play with The Strange (The Bambi Molesters + Chris Eckman) and will soon embark on a US tour with R.E.M. which will keep him busy till the end of the year. Butt hat didn't stop Scott to join John Wesley Harding and Dag Juhlin in the month July to form the John Wesley Harding's all Male Threesome, which had Scott and Dag opening for JWH. Needless to say there where many collaboration going on between these artists. We present two songs from the Shuba's gig in Chicago on July 18 of this year.
The first song is from Scott opening set and is the unreleased Minus 5 masterpiece, Twilight Distillery and has John and Dag on it as well. The second song is the Jimmy Silva song Tell It To The Raven, which is from John Wesley Harding's set, but has Scott on vocals.

Scott McCaughey w/JWH and Dag Juhlin - Twilight Distillery (Live @ Schubas, Chicago, IL July 18 2004)

John Wesley Harding w/Scott McCaughey and Dag Juhlin - Tell It To The Raven (Live @ Schubas, Chicago, IL July 18 2004)
July/August 2004
In 2002 The Minus 5 where pretty busy with a summer tour which covered most of July and the beginning of August. And as if that wasn't enough they agreed to open for Wilco in the fall, bringing them to several cities on the west coast. They played two consecutive nights in LA at the John Anson Ford Theater on September 9 and 10.
The played two pretty rockin' sets, at the first night they closed with a cover of The Sonics 'Strychnine' as songs of which Peter Buck said "If I had my way I'd play 'Strychnine' at every show in every band I'm in!"
The second night brought another nice surprise as E from the Eels joined the band for a rendition of 'I Like Birds' from the Eels album ' Daisies of the Galaxy' an album on which Peter had played.

The Minus 5 - Strychnine (Live @ the John Anson Ford Theater, LA September 9 2002)
The Minus 5 - I Like Birds (Live @ the John Anson Ford Theater, LA September 10 2002)

And as a special request for the month of august we will also offer The Girl I Never Met from the September 9th show

The Minus 5 - The Girl I Never Met (Live @ the John Anson Ford Theater, LA September 9 2002)

Thanks to Donna and Dunja for the tracks


June 2004
Last year Scott flew over to Chicago to meet up with Wilco and play a back to back concert at the Abbey Pub, For promotion of the 'The Minus 5' record Down With Wilco. The record that is now just been released on LP for the first time with 5 bonus tracks. They played alot of songs of that album including a beautifull version of 'What I Don't Believe'. Ofcourse with the full Wilco line-up they also played some songs of them, including 'Handshake Drugs' a song that will be on the new Wilco Album ' A Ghost is Born' due out later this month.

The Minus 5 - What I Don't Believe (Live @ Abbey Pub, Chicago 17 april 2003) (no longer availble)

The Minus 5 - Handshake Drugs (Live @ Abbey Pub, Chicago 17 april 2003)
(no longer availble)
May 2004
Many of you will know the version 'I'm Not Bitter' of the 2003 album 'Down With Wilco'. But what some of you might not know is that is actually an original Young Fresh Fellows song. It was released as a B-Side on tour single in the early 90's. The song was written by Tad Hutchinson (drummer of the fellows) who recorded a demo of it showed it to Scott and the two finished the song on their own. The fellows never played it live. Then in 2000 when The Minus 5 (Scott w/Wilco) played the Lounge Ax, Scott revived this song and so it got a place on the DWW album.

The Young Fresh Fellows - I'm Not Bitter (no longer availble)
April 2004
- On December 5th 2003, a whole bunch of Seattle artist came together to play a benefit for the Boomtown Cafe an organization that supports the homeless at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle. Earlier in the day some of those artists visit the KEXP studio to play some songs there and talk about the organization. Of course Scott was their as well, backed up by John Ramberg and backing vocals from Christy McWilson he delivered a very nice rendition of "The Forgotten Fridays", a track from their new album "In Rock", which wasn't even out by that time. In Rock was released by YepRoc records at the end of Febuary and is available in stores.

The Minus 5 - The Forgotten Fridays (Live @ KEXP) (no longer availble)

In that same sesion, Christy and John performed a version of the Young Fresh Fellows tune "Celebration", with Scott doing the backing vocals. Its a song that Christy and John also recorded for the upcoming Young Fresh Fellows tribute CD " THIS ONE'S FOR THE FELLOWS" which will be released April 20th on BlueDisguise records.

John Ramberg & Christy McWilson - Celebration (Live @ KEXP) (no longer availble)

Christy McWilson, Scott McCaughey and John Ramberg (photo from KEXP)

March 2004
- During Last year's promotion for 'Down With Wilco' The Minus 5(Scott w/Wilco)played a show in a sold out Bowery Ballroom on April 29th. The day before  Scott visited the WFMU radio station in New Jersey for a little chat and some live songs. Among others Scott performed "Mellow My Mind" from Neill Young. The Minus 5 have performed song only a few times live, mainly because this song is unsingable.

Scott McCaughey - Mellow My Mind (Live WFMU) (no longer availble)
February 2004
- On september 14th, 2003 Wilco played the last show opening for R.E.M., and on this magical night, late in the set, the members of Wilco called out Scott McCaughey to come and sing a song with them. And so Scott launched into 'Dear Employer(The Reason I Quit)' from The Minus 5 album 'Down With Wilco', and since they where there anyway Peter Buck and Ken Stringfellow joined in, giving this the first live performance with the full 'Down With Wilco' cast and crew.

The Minus 5 - Dear Employer (The Reason That I Quit) (Live from Red Rocks) (no longer availble)


Photo by kidsmoke

December 2003-January 2004
- On December 19th Scott dropped in the KEXP radio studio in Seattle and joined Amanda Wilde for his annual Christmas appearance. In the one hour and 30 minute he co-hosted the show, he answered several questions from the listeners, talked about various stuff from the last year, spun some records (including a preview of "Bambi Molester" from the forthcoming  Minus 5 release "In Rock" on YepRoc) and at the end played a live song. The song called "So Much Wine" and is a cover; the original is by the "The Handsome Family" and can be found on the album "In the Air".
And as a Christmas present you can now download this track exclusively at this site. The track has a little skip that was in the original recording, so sorry for that, for the rest is it a great tune.

Scott McCaughey - So Much Wine (live KEXP) (no longer availble)
© Christophe Claessens 2003-2004