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Slow Music on Tour (Bill Rieflin, Peter Buck,...)
Two evenings with Bill Rieflin and Peter Buck: Last week at the Tractor, the two full-time members of R.E.M. powered the Minus 5, fronted by former Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey, through a set of non sequitur originals and garage-rock classics. The energy level was a notch or two below a furniture-breaking party, but it was probably the best frat-rock being played anywhere in Seattle that night.

This past October, the pair joined to create a much different sound when Rieflin's Slow Music sextet played three sets at the Crocodile. Rieflin, a veteran of the Telepaths and the Blackouts, not to mention industrial rockers Ministry, gave up his seat behind the drum kit to Matt Chamberlain to explore echoing piano chords and synthesizer textures, while Buck's folky clangor gave way to something more subtle, and King Crimson/Bowie vet Robert Fripp added "triggered sounds" to his trademark guitar whir. The sense of open space in the music recalled—without sounding like—'70s Miles Davis, or the long, inexorable build of an Art Ensemble of Chicago performance.
Posted on 03 May 2006
The Minus 5 in Japan?
Seems they will be playing in October in Japan, according to the Music Plant website. Two dates are listed, October 7 in Nara and October 8th in Tokyo. Both those dates will be with Robyn Hitchcock.
Posted on 01 May 2006
Portland Review
Mississippi Studios is a cool place. Think about seeing a concert in your living room with about 100 of your friends. Its got a very small stage and an eclectic mix of theater chairs, benches, church pews, and bar stools. PBR is just two dollars and out in the backyard they show popeye cartoons on the side of the building next door.
Posted on 29 Apr 2006
Tractor Tavern Review (25 April)
When not busy with his band Young Fresh Fellows or his other band R.E.M. or his other band Tuatara, Scott McCaughey keeps himself busy with his side project, The Minus 5.

For each of its seven albums, he has recruited an entourage of rock elites, including most recently Jeff Tweedy, Colin Meloy, Sean Nelson, Ken Stringfellow, Kelly Hogan, Glen Kotche, John Wesley Harding and on and on and on.

Basically, those who cannot get enough of making music have found their way into the studio to try to keep up with the restless McCaughey (pronounced "McCoy").

Then there's the touring. Again, McCaughey keeps it real by recruiting rock veterans from his private cabal, most often Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Bill Rieflin (Ministry, KMFDM) and John Ramberg (Model Rockets).
Posted on 27 Apr 2006
Long Live Scott McCaughey: An Interview with The Minus 5
by John Kenyon - PopMatters

It was 1989, and the Replacements seemed poised for stardom. The band's second major label disc, Don't Tell a Soul, was slick and radio ready. They were on MTV, occasionally on the radio. Finally, the only band that mattered was about to break through.

With that in mind, it seemed unbelievably cool that, in the liner notes for the disc, in small type at the very bottom, were the letters "LLYFF." Newcomers who liked the cut of Tommy Stinson's jib in the video for "I'll Be You" probably thought it was some sort of record company code. But for longtime fans it was a code of another sort: "Long Live Young Fresh Fellows." That band of Seattle goof-rock misfits had accompanied the 'Mats on a recent tour, following the ultimate endorsement issued by Paul Westerberg two years earlier, telling Creem: "If you think we're good, they're the best band in the world."
Posted on 19 Apr 2006

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The Minus 5

April 13 - Music Millennium, Record Store Day, Portland, OR
June 14 - Hi-Fi, Eugene, OR
June 15 - Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR
June 20 - Turf Club,St. Paul, MN
June 21 - Anodyne Coffee, Milwaukee, WI
June 22 - Kiki's House Of Righteous Music, Madison, WI
June 25 - Rock And Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
June 26 - Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA
June 27 - White Eagle Hall,Jersey City, NJ
June 29 - Mass MoCA SOLID SOUND FESTIVAL, North Adams, MA
July 27 - Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA
July 30 - The Ruins, Hood River, OR

Young Fresh Fellows

April 26 - Slim's Last Chance, Seatle, WA
April 27 - Dante's, Portland, OR

Scott McCaughey

Peter Buck

The Baseball Project
Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon

Filthy Friends
Corin Tucker, Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Linda Pitmon and Kurt Bloch

May 09 - Neumos, Seattle, WA
May 10 - Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC
May 11 - Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
May 13 - Swedish American Hall, San Francisco, CA
May 17 - 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
May 20 - U Street Music Hall, Washington, DC
May 21 - Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA
May 27 - Festsaal, Berlin, Germany
May 28 - Le Petit Bain, Paris, France
May 29 - Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland
May 30 - Barn Theatre, Oxted, UK
May 31 - The Garage, London, UK
June 02 - Primavera Sound, Barcelona, ES

The Tripwires
Feat. John Ramberg and Jim Sangster

The Minus 5 Stroke Manor , Vinyl, CD for RSD 2019 first release
Out: 13 April 2019

Filthy Friends - Emerald Valley
Out: 3 May 2019




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