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KEXP performance
Yesterday The Minus 5 played "The Afternoon Show" at KEXP, it was the first time the full band was at present in the studio. The guys played a couple of songs of the new album and also 2 older ones. The show can be heard at KEXP.org for the next two weeks in the streaming archive (fill Feb 17, 5 pm in the listen by time option.)
Posted on 18 Feb 2006
Minus 5 Live on KEXP Feb. 17
The Minus 5 will be playing live on KEXP in Seattle on Feb 17 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

KEXP can be heard locally on 90.3 FM or online at www.kexp.org.
Posted on 16 Feb 2006
31 January - Secret show
you thought it was all over, it is now.

We were all sworn to secrecy.

a secret venue somewhere secret (did i mention it was a secret?). It was only a small shindig and friends, family and people who know such people were invited along with their door money going to Medicins Sans Frintiers.

The evening started with Robyn and niece, Ruby Wright doing some guitar and saw numbers, so 'Trains' was played virtually as an instrumental, just an oddly whispered last verse that floated over Ruby's saw. Then it was 'Trams Of Old London'. Scott joined them for a soft rendition of 'Back Room Of The Bar' and that was it as the 18th day took to the 'stage' for a very short set.
Posted on 01 Feb 2006
Exeter Review - 8 Miles High

back in '88 Robyn embarked on a tour of the "toilets of southern england" and my friend and I would trundle along and try and find the venues in daylight hours. shortly afterwards the band would arrive, see our huddled forms and realise that's where the gig was.

... i'm wandering into Exeter town centre with a vague map of the venue and trying to remember what the website said... up an alley, behond the bike sheds.. something like that. There's a nice hotel and i notice there's a white van outside that looks a bit like the one the band are using. Then i see Hessu wander out, followed by Peter, so i wave and wander over. I chat about the Bristol gig, Peter said it was good. I also ask if 'Higsons' is likely tonight and Peter reckons it could well be and he'll see what he can do. I leave them to it and wander off to get coffee and find the gig...
Posted on 28 Jan 2006
a message from Scott McCaughey about the new Minus 5 album
from yeproc.com

Hey there, dear jurors, this is your pal and plaintiff Scott McCaughey speaking at you from The Big Smoke, London, England. The poor little whale didn't make it, but we carry on with sadness in our hearts. Speaking of sadness, there's a new Minus 5 album coming out any day!!! Well, February 7th, in fact, though technically I believe you can order it now, as people have been walking up to me with copies to sign as I play the bass with Robyn Hitchcock around the UK. An Italian interviewer said that on the record the characters in the songs seem to be 'flirting with disaster'... I said, 'Flirting? They're already married!' Feel free to court lovely disaster yourselves by acquainting yourself with a lovely album by me and my incredibly talented friends. You know who they are, and they know who you are!

Thanks for listening, and have a lovely day,

Sir Scott, MBE
Posted on 24 Jan 2006

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The Minus 5

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October 29& 30 - Fantastic Dracula Carnival, KU Disco, Benidorm, Spain

Scott McCaughey

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Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon

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M. Ward
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The Baseball Project / The Minus 5, Redeyed in Austin, Vinyl EP for RSD 2015
Out: 18 April 2015

Minus 5 - Dungeon Golds
Out: Now!

The Tripwires - Get Young
Out: Now

Tuatara - Underworld
Out: Now


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