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Scott McCaughey's editorial in "The Seattle Times"
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin has a lot on his plate, what with his rush to alter existing media-ownership rules in favor of giant media conglomerates. He'll be in Seattle on Friday for the sixth and final public hearing on media ownership, which will examine the prudence of relaxing current stipulations. Jet lag is tough, but the crowd Martin will encounter here is likely to be even tougher.

The Seattle proceedings were announced at the last minute, giving citizens little time to prepare arguments. Many question whether Martin is sincere in his assessment of public opinion which, when it comes to further media consolidation, is decidedly negative.
Posted on 09 Nov 2007
Breakup Society - Nobody Likes A Winner
Scott McCaughey adds his many talents to the new Breakup Society album, "Nobody Likes A Winner". Scott does lead vocal on the track “By A Thread” and adds keys, guitar and harmonies to several other numbers.

The album will be released November 13 through Get Hip Records.


1. Nobody Likes A Winner
2. The World Will Change Our Love
3. How Failure Saved Me From Myself
4. Strictly Biological Heart
5. 13th Angry Man
6. This Little Tragedy
7. Another Candlelit Night
8. By A Thread
9. No One Wants To Be Remembered
10. Lower Expectations
11. The Day Before The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
12. I Didn't Mean To Wreck Your Day
13. Forget The Past
14. This Doesn't Matter
Posted on 08 Nov 2007
The Tripwires - "Makes You Look Around"

On November 12th "Makes You Look Around", The Tripwires debut album will finally hit the shelfs of the music shops. (Though you can order your copy already Nov. 8th at www.paisleypop.com.)
The Tripwires is the new band of Minus 5 guitarist John Ramberg, formerly know of "The Model Rockets". Another famous face in the band is Jim Sangster, bass player from the Young Fresh Fellows. While his Brother Johnny plays guitar and Mark Pickerel keeps the beat steady on the drums.
The Tripwires will play two record release parties, one in Portland and one in Seattle along with the Fellows and The Minus 5.

The Tripwires:
Nov 9 - The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA (w/The Young Fresh Fellows)
Nov 10 - The Towne Lounge, Portland, OR (w/The Minus 5)
Posted on 02 Nov 2007
Another colaboration in the works

From "The Village Voice" interview with Steve Wynn

And the recording project after that:
Steve Wynn: “I’m doing a baseball record. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, a record entirely about baseball, touting specific players or incidents, things like that. I’ve been talking about this for a long time now, thinking of ways to do it, and I met up with Scott McCaughey from R.E.M., Young Fresh Fellows, the Minus Five. We met up about half a year ago and I told him about it and it turns out he’s as big a baseball fan as I am and he flipped out, so we’re going to get together, Scott and myself and Peter Buck and Linda (Miracle 3 drummer Pitmon), and do the record in December in Portland because Peter’s got a studio there. It’s pretty convenient. And again, we’re going to write a lot on our own before we get together and then collaborate once we’re there. I’ll probably come back from Slovenia and watch the World Series and write during the entire Series.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Posted on 31 Oct 2007
I never seen a couple Young Fresh Fellows before

Well they were walking down the street
I never seen a couple Young Fresh Fellows before
Well there was something about the way they combed their hair
and something about the clothes that they wore
Well they don't act so cool, they're just regular Joes
Well they're the Young Fresh Fellows now nobody knows them
I've never seen a couple Young Fresh Fellows before
Ahhh-hhhh Young Fresh Fellows!
Posted on 29 Oct 2007

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The Minus 5

Young Fresh Fellows

October 29& 30 - Fantastic Dracula Carnival, KU Disco, Benidorm, Spain

Scott McCaughey

Peter Buck

The Baseball Project
Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon

Pogues tribute band feat. Scott McCaughey

M. Ward
Scott McCaughey plays in M. Ward's touring band

see M. Ward Tourdates


The Lowe Beats
Nick Lowe tribute band feat. Scott McCaughey, John Ramberg, Jim Sangster and Graham Black

Slow Music
Feat. Bill Rieflin and Peter Buck

The Tripwires
Feat. John Ramberg and Jim Sangster

The Baseball Project / The Minus 5, Redeyed in Austin, Vinyl EP for RSD 2015
Out: 18 April 2015

Minus 5 - Dungeon Golds
Out: Now!

The Tripwires - Get Young
Out: Now

Tuatara - Underworld
Out: Now


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