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A special note from Scott McCaughey about the new Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 live EP!
This is not my first "Live At The Croc" compact disc experience. Who could forget the Minus-5-doing-MC5 "High School" mayhem (for "the kids") from The World of Dr. Illteams collection? Or the Young Fresh Fellows' "John Agar's Revenge" from Bite Back: Live At The Crocodile Cafe? Commander Anderson indeed finds his finger on the Two-Guitars-Bass-&-Drums button and presses it with purposeful confidence, and it sounds like THAT. After Sgt. Major Kurt Bloch jackboots it into hyperdrive with some slapback tube sauce and bootleg Tang crystals...
Posted on 23 Feb 2007
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 live EP available now for preorder!
Sex, Food, Death and Tarantulas is the new EP from Robyn Hitchcock, the auteur of the highly-acclaimed album Ole! Tarantula, contains six live unreleased tracks including the Soft Boys classic, "Give It to the Soft Boys," Hitchcock solo gems like "Sometimes a Blonde," and the Venus 3's "(A Man's Got to Know His Limitations )Briggs." Also included is two videos for "Adventure Rocketship" from Ole! Tarantula - one live action video and a wistful stop motion animation rendering. In addition to the these extras overflowing from the Ole! Tarantula sessions and tour, keep an eye out for a documentary profiling the psych-popster to air on the Sundance channel which will debut at the SXSW film festival.

Posted on 04 Feb 2007
I DON'T like you with a gun

AP Photo
Posted on 28 Jan 2007
27 January - Birmingham AL, Review+Setlist
Scott McCaughey did another solid opening set in Birmingham. As in New Orleans, he played mostly keyboards and was accompanied by drummer Joe Adragna (of the band The Junior League). Although tonight was just their second time performing together, to their credit, Scott and Joe changed up the set a fair bit. Tonight, one of the nuggets we got was The Old Plantation off the Down With Wilco record.

And the Hank Williams cover was also a nice surprise. I can't remember if Scott mentioned Joe telling him that Hank Williams died in Birmingham (which turns out not to be true) or if Joe said that he just spent one of his last nights in Birmingham, not far from the Alabama Theatre (which is true). Either way, it was a neat rendition of the song.

At any rate, the "Minus 2" set went this way:

The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply
My Life as a Creep
Cemetery Row
The Old Plantation
Daggers Drawn
Original Luke (Scott on baritone guitar)
I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (Scott-guitar) [Hank Williams]
Rifle Called Goodbye
Aw Shit Man (Scott-guitar)

Via ViaChicago.org.
Posted on 28 Jan 2007
26 January - New Orleans LA, Review+Setlist
Tonight was the first show on this tour that I've gotten to see with Scott McCaughey opening, and since I haven't really seen a lot written about Scott's opening sets, I figured I'd at least post what he played tonight.

It was a treat to hear some songs off the Down With Wilco record, especially Daggers Drawn. And it was totally awesome to hear his version of So Much Wine. Apparently Scott's been playing with different local people each night, so his sets have been changing at least a little bit from night to night. At tonight's show, he had Joe Adragna (of a New Orleans band called The Junior League) with him on drums and background vocals. Scott played mostly keyboard, somewhat surprisingly. On a few numbers, he also played baritone guitar.

Anyway, here was his set:

Rifle Called Goodbye
Twilight Distillery
Daggers Drawn
My Life As A Creep
Original Luke (Scott-guitar)
So Much Wine (Scott-guitar) [Handsome Family]
The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply
The Days of Wine and Booze
Aw Shit Man (Scott-guitar)

Via ViaChicago.org.
Posted on 27 Jan 2007

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